FUN FACT: ​Marigolds are lovely flowers and healthy for the soil.  They attract nitrogen fixing bacteria to their roots which helps plants around them to thrive!

A sampling of our services... 
  • professional deer-resistant landscape designs
  • weekly and monthly maintence of annuals, perennials, shrubs and small ornamental trees 
  • professional site anaylsis available for deer, erosion, drainage and soil challenges (consultation fee applies)
  • rain gardens installed - which direct rain water run-off to areas that need it and away from paths, patios and driveways
  • exterior real estate staging - curb appeal and first impressions are extremely important when selling your home 

  • xeric garden design - gardens designed using water-thrifty plants with low water needs. Helps reduce monthly water costs and usage - perfect for clients without sprinkler systems!
  • garden styles for everyone's taste: English cottage style, Asian contemporary style, shade gardens, rock gardens, butterfly gardens, native plant gardens and more!
  • ornamental grass designs for multi-season color, movement and interest
  • stunning containers and pots for spring, summer and winter enjoyment (deer-resistant varieties also available)
  • soil improvements using organic composts and mulches
  • design, installation and care of indoor house plants - all year round!
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